New shack

My favorite place! Here you will find me prowling the band for DX. As you saw on the first page all the awards are on SSB only. In the new shack we have built the console into the wall unlike the picture below where it was a center room console 10'x3' This allows easy access to the rear, where the all important wiring is done. We have two Yaesu 1000 MP's, two Henry 2K Classic X amplifiers, one Henry 3K Classic X and one Henry 2K. This really make jumping from band to band easy with two amplifiers per radio (one on each ant port of the radio). 70cm and 2m Icom for local spots and traffic, two computers, one Orian 2800 controller, two TIC Ring controllers, two Tailtwister controllers, four Swan 2k watt meters, Astron 50M power supply, Mirage 160w 2m amp, B&W switch's, Heil head sets, remote switching that enables both radios to share the same head phones and radio 1-2 foot switch for contesting.

Radio  1

Radio  2

This is the area behind the station. This makes for easy access to the back side to do wiring ect.

Behind The Station

Here is our high current 20 60 amps DC distribution panel K9XD built. This is good for 60 amps continues duty using FRN fuses. The batterys can run the station for days if needed. The big advantage is there are no power surges and clean power to run the radios.


Dc pan

Here is the shop area, XD working on a 160 RX loop

Work place

The old shack 1993 - 2004

I'm sure you know the feeling of the hot dead air in the shack, while wearing a tee shirt and shorts during a contest. All the heat created by the equipment, amplifiers and operators in a small room only 11'x12' is handled by a completely independent return vent for just the radio room. This is a 14"x10" inch vent at the top of the wall powered by a 12" 1/3HP blower equivalent to that in a house furnace. This draws the hot air from the room and blows it into the basement. With all four Henry amplifiers running plus op's during a multi-two the room remains the same temperature as the rest of the house. If fresh air is needed just open the window, just be careful not to suck in a near by bird. You can see by the picture that this is a serious way of keeping the shack cool that works. You will also find during long contests that this will help keep you alert, reduce fatigue and and keep you from getting toasty warm and falling a sleep.

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