Constructed with 85 feet of Rohn 25, tower two is located 100 feet due west of tower one. Like its larger brother, tower one is also guyed with quarter inch guy wire. The top is held in place at 75 feet with a commercial grade torque triangle placed out of phase to the tower legs and guyed in two locations on each face. Guying wires are also located at 48 and 25 feet. Located atop the Tailtwister rotated mast at 125 feet, is the G7 20' 2meter vertical and immediately below on the mast is the "M2 10M6" 10meter, 6 element, 28 foot boom yagi. Going farther down the tower to 75 feet is the "M2 15M6" 15 meter, 36 foot boom with 6 elements. At 47 feet is a "TH6" 6 element tribander, fixed toward the Caribbean.(Helps with those quick multipliers during contests.) For information on antenna and tower grounding go to the Grounding tab.

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