Gracing the sky at total height of 150 feet, Tower two consists of 115 linear feet of Rohn 45 steel. Quarter inch steel guy wires all around are located at 30, 55, and 75 feet. At 105 feet a commercial grade "torque triangle" is placed out of phase to the tower sides, and guyed with two wires per side for a total of six wires alone on just the torque arm, thus eliminating all twist and shutter at this height, and assuring the tower is rock solid. The base is anchored by four foot square, six foot deep steel reinforced concrete. All guy wire bases are held via similar size concrete bases and have 5/8 shafts to the equalizing plates holding the turnbuckles for the wires. Sharing the top Orion rotated mast, is the "M2 40M3" 40Meter monoband yagi and the "G7" 220Mhz vertical. The beam consists of three elements on a 32 foot boom, and the vertical for packet simply takes advantage of the mast height. Located at 105 feet is the "M2 20M5" on a "TieRing" ring-rotor, allowing full 360 degree rotation of this five element, 46 foot boom yagi around the tower. Immediately below this beam at 104 feet, is the apex for the 160meter inverted Vee wire antenna. Farther down the tower at 75 feet is the apex for the 80meter inverted Vee wire antenna. All antennas on this tower are feed with Andrews 1/2inch hardline, with the exception of the two wire antennas. For antenna and tower grounding, see the corresponding section of the web site.

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